Snow Removal In Minnesota

Snow removal is a big job every year for Minnesota commercial businesses and residents.  From the first snowflakes in October to the last blizzards that mark the end of the season in April, Minnesota gets it all.

The average snowfall in some areas of the state is over 75 inches every year.  That’s a lot of snow and ice to remove every winter. Minnesotans are used to cold, snowy winters, but it doesn’t mean that we like to drive in it, or walk through it on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots.

Removing that much snow every season is a huge headache for everyone. Noisy snowblowers, snow shoveling, ice chipping, buying sand, salt and ice melt are just a few of the things we all hate dealing with.  Every winter, thousands of people are hospitalized by overdoing the backbreaking work of removing snow. Heart attacks, back injuries, slips and falls are all to common when removing snow from our homes and businesses.

Commercial businesses need to stay on top of their snow removal for customer safety and to keep business flowing.  Customers won’t visit your business if you parking lots and sidewalks are unsafe and cluttered with ice, slush and snow.

The Answer is Professional Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal companies can help you this season, eliminating the risk of injury, fatigue or worse. You no longer need to maintain expensive snow blowers and other equipment to keep your property safe and clean.

Our snow removal services will use powerful truck mounted snow plows to clean your parking lots or driveways with great results. These snow plowing companies offer a variety of services and snow removal contracts to keep your property snow-free throughout the season.

Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Unlimited Snow Removal Contracts – Whenever the snow falls, professional companies will clear away your snow, distributing it neatly out of the way using snow plows, snow blowers, and even hand shoveling when required.  With a contract, snow removal is automatic, so you don’t even have to think about it.  With most companies you can agree that whenever a certain amount of snow accumulates, they will dispatch cleaning crews automatically.
  • On-Call Snow Removal – With on-call services, you can call them whenever you need removal.  Snow and ice removal is quickly scheduled and performed professionally by skilled teams of removal personnel.
  • Sanding and Salting – Sand and trucks can take care of parking lots, sloped driveways and other areas where ice tends to build up. Walkways and sidewalks can be treated with ice melt, sand or salt to keep your paths clean for pedestrian traffic.
  • Commercial Parking Lot Cleaning – Commercial and businesses need to keep parking lots clean for customers throughout the year. Commercial plowing crews can remove accumulated snow, distributing it in remote areas that leave parking spaces available for visitors and customers
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal – If you have a storefront with a sidewalk, you need to keep it safe for pedestrian foot traffic. Commercial snow removal companies can keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow at all times, even in the heaviest snowfalls.
  • Residential Driveways – Residential clients can have snow removed without having to worry about risking injury to themselves or their family.  Let the professionals keep your driveway and sidewalks clean.

Choose Your Own Contract, Plan and Pricing

Professional Snow Removal Companies will each have a selection of custom plans and prices that will meet your budget.  Call today to get a free price quote on snow removal services in your area.

You can create a custom package for your requirements that will fit into your budget. If you prefer, you can remove light snow accumulations yourself, and contract for a service to come automatically whenever 4 or more inches falls in your area.  Or forget about it completely and have a professional do the whole job for you!

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